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Refereed Publications

2022 The Broken Chain: Evidence against Emotionally Driven Upstream Indirect Reciprocity, Games Economic Behavior, 136: 542--558. Data.
2020 Don't patronize me! An Experiment on Preferences for Authorship (with Silvia Lübbecke), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 29: 420- 438.
Against all odds: Tentative Steps Toward Efficient Information Sharing in Groups (with Darius Schlangenotto and Radovan Vadovic), GAMES, 11.3: 31.
Revisiting a remedy against chains of unkindness (with Nina Stephan), Schmalenbachs Business Review, 72: 347-364.
2015 How do subjects view multiple sources of ambiguity (with Jürgen Eichberger and Jörg Oechssler), Theory and Decision, 78, 339-356.

Playing hard to get: an economic rationale for crowding out of intrinsically motivated behavior (with C. Vanberg), European Economic Review, 68, 106-115.

Uncertainty aversion and Preferences for Randomization: An Experimental Study (with Adam Dominiak), Economic Theory. 48 (2, October), 289-312.
earlier versions: SFB 504 Working paper 08/39

Legitimacy of Control (with Radovan Vadovic), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20 (4, December),  985-1009
earlier versions: IZA DP 3013

Team Governance: Empowerment or Hierarchical Control (with Guido Friebel), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 78 (April), 1-13. 
earlier versions: Heidelberg DP 457, IZA Discussion Paper No 3143.

You Don't Always Get What You Pay For, German Economic Review. 12 (1, February), 1-10.
earlier versions: CMPO Discussion paper 09/226, IZA Discussion Paper No 3077.

On the Ingredients of Bubble Formation: Informed Traders and Communication (with Jörg Oechssler and Carsten Schmidt) , Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 35 (11, November), 1831-1851.
earlier versions circulated under the title "Asset-bubbles Without Dividends - An Experiment" (SFB 504 DP 07-01)
2008 Too Few Cooks Spoil the Broth: Division of Labour and Directed Production, (with Marisa Ratto), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 8 : Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 27.
earlier versions: Heidelberg DP 468, IZA DP 1669, CMPO DP 05/126 and CMPO DP No 03/090.

When is it Foolish to Reward for A while Benefiting from BJournal of Labor Economics, 26 (4), pp. 595-619.
earlier versions circulated under the titles "On the Prudence of Rewarding for A while Hoping for B" and  "Task Difficulty,Performance Measure Characteristics and the Trade-off between Insurance and Well-allocated Effort" (Heidelberg DP 425, CMPO DP No 03/067, IZA DP No 765, BGSE DP 7-2003)
2005 Likelihood Estimation for Censored Random Vectors, Econometric Reviews 24 (2), pp. 195-217. 
earlier versions: AWI DP Nr. 417 and CMPO DP No 03/082 ("What you always wanted to know about censoring but never dared to ask")
2003 Ergebnissignale in Prinzipal-Agent-Modellen mit mehreren Aktionen, Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, Ergänzungsheft 4, pp. 1-15.
2002 The Virtue of Being Underestimated: a Note on Discriminatory Contracts in Hidden Information Models, Economics Letters (75), pp. 171-178.
2001 Kooperation, Verantwortung und Leistungsentlohnung: Eine empirische Untersuchung in Entlohnung, Arbeitsorganisation und personalpolitische Regulierung. U. Backes-Gellner, Kräkel M., Sadowski D., and Mure J. (eds.) Rainer Hampp Verlag. Munich.

Discussion Papers

2019 Gaming or Shirking? On a Fundamental Trade-Off When Designing Incentives
2010 Hidden Action, Identification, and Task Assignment
2000 Who gets the Reward? An Empirical Exploration of Bonus Pay and Task Characteristics
IZA DP 235

Work in Progress

Responsibility in Teams (with Xinyu Li)


2004 The Value of Signals in Hidden Action Models: Concepts, Application and Empirical Evidence. Contributions to Economics. Physica Verlag (A Springer-Verlag Company). Heidelberg.
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